Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Back in the Saddle Again

The snow's been messing with me for months, now:
chased me out of Scott County just after the holidays
and kept me out of it the night before Mom's surgery
(falling along the diagonal of I-81 in a perfect line).
It started falling during Grandma's party, yesterday,
and ran me out of Maryland, altogether, by nightfall.

You died, today, between snows. I guess it's warm
where you landed. I guess they gave your hat back
and your hair, your blue jeans and cowboy boots.
I know our horses were waiting just inside the gate
and that you're back in the saddle again (out where
a friend is a friend). I miss you so much, already.

And I know just what you would say, if you could:
"Don't worry about it," but I know, too, that I will:
that there's nowhere for these road-weary bones
to be but the place they lay you, pain-free, to rest.
The air's sharp and cold, and I can't help but wonder
if I'll get there on time, if I'll make it before the snow.


Rest in peace, Jason Hatfield. Bring them both and meet me at the gate.


  1. Beautiful tribute! I am so sorry for your loss, Brandee.

  2. Praying for your travels and for strength and peace for you. (And I agree w/ Joe - this was a beautiful tribute.)

  3. This is so beautiful, Brandee. And the way you wrote it through snow's lens feels so powerful. I am deeply sorry for your loss and hope you can get there through the snow.

  4. Oh, Brandee. I am so sorry for this loss! (Friend? Relative?) And you have written a glorious tribute here. Just remarkable. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    1. Thank you. Close friend from childhood.

  5. Brandee, your writing is just gorgeous. Sorry for the loss that brought it out of you.