Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Highlights. Lowlights.

I understand, suddenly, why bloggers throw up their hands, overwhelmed by the prospect of writing their lives. I've been on the road again like Willie since the weather's warmed, and I've found it hilly as the one what leads to Hollowell Brethren. Which is to say: at least hilly enough for the flight of a Volkswagen Beetle. At least.

Lowlight: for those of you who've been reading my adventures in marriage counseling, I had another reflective-listening fail a week ago Sunday. This carried over into the first part of last week. Yuck.

Highlight: celebrating Becky's 40th birthday a week ago Monday evening.

Highlight: the little kids and I met my blogger friend Jamie and her kiddos at the zoo last Tuesday. As with other blogger friends I've been blessed to meet face-to-face (including Becky), I found Jamie to be in person who she is in words. I love that. I love her.

Highlight: visit from from my cousin-sister Andrea Tuesday afternoon/evening. We never know exactly when Andrea might appear, but when she does, she shines and shines on us.

Lowlight: marriage counseling on Wednesday. Oh, my word. I was a sobbing wreck, leaving. "Why does it seem like I'm the only one suffering?" I asked Jim.

"Because, Honey," he offered kindly, "we haven't even gotten to our issues, yet. We're working on process, and I'm a process man. Hurry up and master the process so I can suffer over my issues."

Lowlight: dance photos, Wednesday evening. Thank you, Lord, that I had Cade to help with Baby Chip, who chose that very moment (uncharacteristically, I might add) to whine like a dentist's drill. Two girls, four costumes, eight shoes, individual ballet, sister ballet, class ballet, individual tap, sister tap, class tap. High stress.

Highlight: Green Valley Book Fair, Thursday, with my girl Christy and Baby Chip. Why, yes, I did leave my daughters with Miss Sarah Beagle (of St. Baldrick's fame) for six blissful hours. I've never shopped so well at the Green Valley Book Fair. No one grabbed books off the shelves at all. It was amazing!

Highlight: Epic at the Goochland Drive-In with the fam**, Rachel, and Zach on Friday night.




Highlight: helping my friend Anjie photograph a wedding on Saturday. It was my first time being away from Baby Chip for more than thirty minutes or so. Yes, that's crazy town considering he's almost seven months old. I pumped my first bottle in the approximately twelve years since Cade was a breastfeeding baby. Yes, that's crazy town considering: between then and now, I nursed the boys' sisters for fourteen and fifteen months, respectively.

I learned so much about what I didn't know, taking photos at the wedding, like: don't wear ill-fitting underbritches as a photographer, and always carry Tylenol. (It got me, early on, in the back.) Always photograph backdrops in case you need them later, in editing. Learn (really learn!) how to use your camera at night. And I have many more thoughts to share, later, but bottom line: awesome experience. Thankful for the opportunity. Thankful for Anjie, in general.

Highlight: church on Sunday.

Highlight: meeting with a pastor friend, Sunday afternoon, and asking him to put me to work. Being well-received, encouraged on several fronts.

Highlight: I have to brag on my husband; he saved $200, Sunday evening, performing a couple repairs on my van by himself.

Highlight: Memorial Day at the zoo with the fam.

Kiss from Farley. She lured him to the glass by showing him her belly button; it's his thing.

This isn't the greatest photo, but it was a big moment for Charleigh. I think it was her first time feeding an animal at the zoo.

And maybe I'm forgetting things. (If so, you see why: busy, busy!) Love y'uns.

**Kind of fun to look at our drive-in photos from July of last year to see how much the kids have grown and Jim has shrunk.


  1. ohhhhhh, I do love this high and low lights. I think I will try this because this last week was like a rollercoaster ride. Up's and down's....very good, love it!

    1. Ups n downs get right old after awhile. It feels thrilling for a minute...but bipolar for a week. That's how I characterize my marriage, btw: bipolar. B/c Adam says we should look at it (slash us) as a third entity. Our third entity is all about passion: extreme highs and lows. Aiming for more of an even keel.

      Let's talk soon. Love you.

  2. thankful for you too @brandee <3 you know I am here for you , always, for whatever it is worth and so excited about your new venture with your pastor friend xoxoxoxo

  3. Smiles. My sister's family saw Epic Sunday and really enjoyed it. I appreciate your honesty. Glad there seemed to be more highs than lows. Good for you taking that photography step! Woohoo!

    Side note: Your girls have such cool hair! So different from each other, but both so pretty and distinctive.

    Hang in there with the counseling.


    1. Agreed: thrilling hair. It's funny b/c I imagined that Charleigh would look like Clementine, but--while each is a mash-up of Jim and me--they look entirely different from one another.

      Hanging in. Thank you for praying. Praying for you, too. How are you? And Mama?

  4. What a great way to catch up! I'm so thankful there were more highs than lows, and that I was listed among them! :) I was thinking about you on Saturday and wondering how it all went! Also, I was so excited to see "y'uns" because I only ever hear my Missouri people say that! They spelled it "yuins" and even say "Yuins Guys!" :) I never really said it because I've been a Virginia girl since I learned to talk, BUT my heart gets fuzzy whenever I hear it! Also, I love your zoo pictures from Memorial Day! So awesome! My favorite is the one of Cade and Clementine (cool t-shirt, too). AND YAY Charleigh!

    1. You made me think. Perhaps I learned y'uns as a Pennsylvanian. Or perhaps as an Indianan. Definitely NOT as a southern girl; we say y'all. I never say y'uns, but it was fun to write.

      Love you. xo

    2. P.S. The zoo was so busy on Memorial day that the giraffes and budgies wouldn't eat a thing we bought. Glad you and I visited during the week!

  5. Hey friend!
    Two things...lucky you to get to meet and befriend some fellow Christian bloggers. Real relationships are oh, so precious!
    Secondly, on the bright side, the fact that both you and your husband are willing to go to counseling, to work on making things better. That's pretty rare and a real blessing. Two people, both willing for God to change them is awesome!

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth, for this and all your encouragement!

  6. i have MISSED you. (not that you have gone anywhere, but crazytown arrived on my doorstep last week, and my blog reading time evaporated.) every time i get to catch back up with you, i fall in love all over again.

    for the record: reflective listening sounds miserable. you are gutsy, my dear. and you are DOING THIS. you are so doing this. (and i love jim's comment about the process! he is a keeper for sure.)

    uninterrupted book shopping bliss. love that you got to do this. and second shooting at the wedding, and the underbritches insight...ah, we are two peas in the best pod.

    love you and your crew, so much.

    1. If I'm peas in the pod with you, yippee! I've got it going ON!