Sunday, July 15, 2012

Friday Whirlwind

So, yesterday morning, I rolled (literally) out of bed at 6:30. I don't know if I've mentioned, before, but I'm a morning hater, so only Big Love could inspire such madness. As it turned out, my blogger friend Anne and her family, Texans!, were in Chester, which is only a forty-five-minute drive from me.

I've written about Anne, before, but--over the last couple years--she's filled a void in my life. I knew I couldn't miss the opportunity to talk to and see her face-to-face. Jim had sweetly agreed to work from home and watch the girls so I could not only meet Anne for breakfast, but also swing by my doctor's office for an ultrasound. Cade came along with me.

I loved my breakfast with Anne because she's the same Anne, in person, that she is on the Internet and over the phone. I don't know how to pay anyone a higher compliment than to say she's the real deal, and Anne's the real deal.

Me and Anne. Photo by Elizabeth Conder.

After I hugged Anne goodbye, Cade and I headed to my doctor's office. Cade hadn't yet seen Baby Chip; he'd been camping with my brother's family during my 20-week ultrasound. At that time, the baby's position had been such that the tech could check neither the anatomy of the baby's heart nor his nose and lips. There had been no real cause for alarm, but I needed another ultrasound to verify that everything was ok, and...

...everything is. I've been breathing a little bit easier, since finding out. This pregnancy has been my easiest in terms of feeling sick but--on the heels of a miscarriage--my hardest in terms of feeling confident. It hasn't helped that my platelet count has been low; that the doctor couldn't locate the baby's heartbeat at 16 weeks; or that the technician wasn't able to say, at 20 weeks, that everything was ok with the baby's heart and face. I've even allowed my lack of sickness to mess with my head.

But here's my baby, and he's already beautiful. Thank You, Lord.


Another, Closer Profile: Hand over Face

Looking Straight On

I loved having Cade with me for the ultrasound. He didn't say much, but--as soon as images started appearing--he rose (without really realizing it, I think) to his feet, and his eyes stayed fixed on the screen. I hope his brother will be as good of a boy, and I told Cade as much.

Last night, the five of us celebrated our great news by watching Brave at the Goochland Drive-In. We had a blast!

Friday the 13th...unlucky...bah.

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