Monday, May 6, 2013

All Stress

I'd visited faithfully but hadn't busted her out of the adult home for a good while. When it comes to adventuring, I tend to err on the brave side and know: if it scares me, I shouldn't do it. Given that I didn't trust my legs while pregnant, many things scared me, and it took awhile for me to feel ready, post Baby Chip. But last Tuesday, I felt ready.

She'd wanted to return to the Science Museum of Virginia since our trip there two years ago, and--although we no longer have a family membership--Jim had bought a Groupon that was nearing expiration. I called ahead to let her know I was running a little late; I didn't want her to be angsty and fussy like she gets. She was ready to the rain bonnet and snowmen sweater when I arrived; I signed her out, and we were on our way.

We explored the entire museum, breaking to eat the lunch I'd packed and watch both Born to be Wild on IMAX and a rat-basketball demonstration (which squigged me out completely). We enjoyed ourselves so much, but I had to remind myself more than once of these wise words from Oprah:

All stress comes from resisting what is.

The tensest moments, for me, revolved around the IMAX. I'd gotten tickets for the noon showing without considering: Miss Joyce prefers to eat lunch between 11:30 and 12:00. It was challenging (to say the least) to eat lunch, fulfill our bathroom needs, and travel to the dome on time. When we got there, the door was locked.

I waved down a busy-looking man behind a glass wall and watched a look of annoyance cross his face, but--after he came out--I nodded toward my three little ones and Miss Joyce and said: "I'm so sorry we're late; we tried to get here on time. My hands are just really full." He unlocked the door.

Well. No sooner did we get situated in the dome when I realized: I no longer had my wallet. I whispered a quick prayer; left the girls and my camera with Miss Joyce; and--with Baby Chip in my arms--hurried out of the dome and back up the steps. Almost unbelievably, my wallet was sitting just outside the bathroom, on the very top step where Baby Chip and I had waited for Miss Joyce and watched the girls play.

I hated waving down the man behind the glass wall, again, but the door to the dome had locked behind me. After he came out, I took a deep breath and told him about my wallet. Then I said: "I feel a little crazy busting someone out of the adult home when I have three tiny children, but the Lord is with me."

"Yes," he said, smiling, and unlocked the door a second time.

I took this photo from the step where I left my wallet.


  1. You wrote this so well - I felt like I was there (stressing out about a wallet as I read). Your children will be blessed by you busting Miss Joyce out to take her to the museum - the Lord is with you and loving through you.

  2. He will give us a way won't He? But yes, now I'm stressed reading this~ha!

  3. Way to grab life by the horns Brandee!

  4. this is just the sort of thing that makes me think: Jesus is here, in us, with us, and oozing out of your very pores. it's generally not pretty, and almost always difficult, but this is the stuff, y'know? you're doing it. being Him.

  5. Oh my goodness, my friend. But, oh the treasures that are being stored for you, in heaven. :)

  6. I just love this. I am following you from Playdates and so happy that God led me to meet you.
    What a delightful story - of believing in God, standing firm and having a great time.
    Blessings to you,

  7. YOU are the bomb. And The Lord too. He works it all out. But you are the bravest for taking that first step. (And I adore these pics of your littles--and Ms. Joyce too!)