Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer in East Tennessee

Summer Vacation in East Tennessee =
1. Moon Pies.

2. Books from Dolly Parton. And Grandmothers to Read Them.

3. Nerf Guns. BB Guns.

4. I turn around to find all my kids in camo.

5. People drive younger.  Not necessarily better.

(Yes, this is a car on the roof of a building.)

6. Orange. And T's.

7. Lotsa Cold Treats.

 "Praise the Lord; someone finally gave me some ice cream!"

 Mountain-Dew Slushie


9. Horses.

10. Dirty Pigs.
11. Rough n Tumble.
Charleigh's First Black Eye
(She banged her face in the bathtub.)

12. A Really Big Guitar.
My little Clementine is standing under it!

13. Fun In the Yard.

Catching Fireflies

14. Time.  Always Blessed, Never Enough.

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