Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Eat or Be Eaten

Science Museum of Virginia
with Cade, Clementine, Charleigh,
Christy, Noah, Abi,
(Very cool,
 'cept we call bull crap on fish evolving into humans, 
an impact fireball creating the Chesapeake Bay
 thirty-five million years ago, etc.) 

Cade and Clementine (Note that her feet got hot by day's end,
and that I was super smart to pack her some flip-flips.)

Clementine and Miss Joyce. (Cade had a Twilight Zone-ish moment with this exhibit,
which featured an episode of Twilight Zone that he had just watched, last night.)

Miss Joyce, Cade, Noah, and Abi

Noah and Cade: Fun with Mirrors

The science museum has an exhibit that clones children.
Just kidding.
But, seriously?  One Clementine is just perfect.  For reals.

Abi is one of a kind, too.

Abi, Cade, and Clementine

The Closest Christy Will Ever Come to "Working the Pole"
Abi, Clementine, and Miss Joyce
Pizza for lunch. And chocolate sticks for dessert.

Ultra comforting, eh?

Got Milk?

What a Fully Cooked Baby Looks Like
Charleigh: Not so much blinded with science as bored with it.

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