Sunday, July 10, 2011

Random Cuteness and Excellence

Charleigh (10 mos.)
  • Waves like a beauty-pageant contestent.
  • Drinks juice from a regular (hard-topped, no-handled) sippy cup.  Has never drunk from either a bottle or a soft-topped, handled sippy cup.  (Obviously, I think she's a genius.)
  • Crawls and pulls up.  Has been caught standing, a couple times, without support.
  • Says "Ma-ma," "Da-da," "Hi," "Hi, Da-da," and, "No."
  • Ate eggs and ice-cream for the first time over the holiday weekend.
  • Loves bathing and swimming.
  • Puts absolutely everything in her mouth.  Scary!
  • Is extremely flexible and has fallen asleep--no joke--with her foot on top of her head.  I'm thinking future in ballet?
  • Still sleeps in my arms.
  • Still has bright red hair.  And blueish eyes.
Funny Charleigh story: today, Jim took us for lunch at El Cerro Azul.  Charleigh had her own serving of rice.  I gave her a couple chunks of raw tomato (which I don't eat) from my plate.  As she was eating, her face turned red, she got a funny look on her face, and she started panting a little.  I didn't understand it because I knew she wasn't choking.  Later (after giving her more tomatoes), I realized they had been mixed with (and flavored by) jalapenos.  Poor Charleigh.

Clementine (2 yrs., 4 mos.)
  • Says, instead of soakin' wet, "soapin' wet."  Calls a chalkboard a "skateboard."  And a microphone a "microburst."  (You can tell there's been a lot of storm talk in these parts.)
  • Speaks mostly in sentences, now.
  • Has started, just this week, adding "so much" to her I love yous: something she picked up from one of my parents, over the weekend. :)
  • Insists upon putting on her own clothes and shoes.
  • May well have the gift of encouragement. ("Great job your coloring, Mommy!")
  • Loves to say, "Thank you!" and, "You're welcome!"  "Please" is a work in progress.
  • Is a big. daddy's. girl.
  • Sings most all the time.  Loves nursery rhymes.
  • Has a special, "yellow baby" (a baby doll dressed in yellow).
  • Loves to color and work puzzles.
  • Loves animals and babies, people in costumes, giant statues.
  • Has many imaginary, phone conversations.  Is, in general, a social force.
  • Sleeps beautifully in her "big-girl bed."
  • Is an easily-bored, busy bee.

Cade (11 yrs., 5 mos.)
  • Managed a straight-A average again, this year.  The A in social studies was by the skin of his teeth and as close to a B as possible.
  • Graduated with his Senior Brown Belt in karate on June 30th.  Black Belt testing is scheduled for May 2012.
  • Loves Boy Scouts.
  • Sings soprano (for now) in the church choir.
  • Will likely play clarinet next year?
  • Continues to read voraciously.
  • Loves video games, just like every other boy his age.
  • Got a fantastic haircut, at the hands of my brother, last week.
  • Best. big. brother. ever.
My Dad, Older Nephew, and Cade on a Big Hike

(Recording these things while giving thanks, to God, 
for the beautiful children with whom I have been blessed and entrusted.)

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