Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Sad One

You know who you are.  You, the sad one, whom I love.  I have been praying for you, and look: I have words, now.  Now I have words. 

Of course you feel sad. 

I wonder: if you try, can you feel gladness for your sadness?  Just a little gladness, because your sadness proves your realness, your feelness.  You really loved and held close that person, idea, situation.  The heart in your chest beats deep-steep-wild.  Your sadness reveals your humanity, God-given complexity.  Your sadness confirms the gift of what-whom you now miss.

He Who Made the Sad One never turns away.  He knows your even now to bring you peace.  Loves you more-better than a sparrow, has a plan to suspend your sorrow...heal your heart-hurt...use for gain this pain when, later, others live it.

I am here.  Take my hand if you know.  Take my hand if you know I know.  We will press forward together.  You are not alone.

God loves you.  God in me loves you.  I love you. 

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