Monday, March 21, 2011

Potty Adventures with Daddy

Jim got up with Clementine as he does every Saturday morning, and I guess--while I frolicked in Dreamland--Clementine melted down in a big way.  Later, Jim asked: "So, do you let Clementine wipe herself after she pees in the potty?"

"Oh, yes," I answered.  "It's a thing.  She'd been unrolling toilet paper and cramming it in the toilet the entire time she'd been sitting there, so I told her she needs to wait until she goes pee-pee, and then she can tear off some toilet paper to wipe."

"Oh," he said.  "Well, I guess that's where things went wrong, because all I did was wipe her after she peed, and she had a complete meltdown."

Poor Daddy. 

Note to self: I need to better communicate the girls' routines to Jim.

But, in the meantime, here's my favorite potty story of all time:

At a different point on Saturday morning, Jim looked at Clementine and said: "Wait just a minute, MeMe.  Daddy's gotta go pee-pee in the potty."

And Clementine looked at him and asked: "Like a big girl?"

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