Friday, March 18, 2011

How to Melt the Heart of Your Wife

Earlier, I e-mailed the following to my beloved: "I think I am becoming a glass-half-empty person.  I am so discouraged that we forgot to refrigerate the chicken I bothered to defrost and cook.  Charleigh hasn't gotten up, yet, and I haven't awakened her. Soon it will be time for Clementine's nap.  So I guess we will go out this afternoon around 3:00. Let me know if you want to meet us somewhere after work."

(Just so you have the full picture, my beloved brought dinner home last night; thus, we did not eat what I had baked.)

My beloved replied, today, via e-mail: "Honey, I am so sorry about the chicken!  I should have remembered as I was the last to touch it.  I am so sorry that I ruined it.  I would love to meet you somewhere or I can just come straight home.  I am leaving here at 1:15. I will be home @ 2pm.  Maybe we can all get out and when we are done, go to the store and I can fix a great dinner."

I am getting ready to close this laptop until Monday morning.  I need to spend this weekend trying to make my beloved's heart feel all melty like mine.

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