Monday, October 17, 2016

Untold Story #15: Kazoobie Kazoo Factory

One of my very favorite parts of vacation with the kids was our tour of the Kazoobie Kazoo Factory in Beaufort, South Carolina. As soon as I read about it on TripAdvisor, I knew we had to go. Sure enough, everyone (ages 3 through 42) seemed to have a good time. We're a quirky lot.

The Kazoobie Kazoo Factory's small, but there's a little museum section with encased instruments and framed information pertaining to the history of the kazoo. Did you know that the original kazoo was a 1840s collaboration between an African American and a German American? Or that it's one of only three instruments invented in the United States? (The other two are the banjo and the glass harmonica.)

Our tour guide presented and played many different types of kazoos. She showed us the funniest movie, too; the characters were kazoos with glued-on eyes and hair. I remember glancing over and seeing Cade's busting a gut, laughing. We took a tour of the factory, and at the end, each of us got to make and take his or her own kazoo. Good times for only $5/person! Cade paid a little extra for a special attachment for his instrument; he's a serious musician, you know.

Bonus: the Kazoobie Kazoo Factory just happens to be located on John Galt Road. Cade's a big fan of Ayn Rand, and Sam was actually reading The Fountainhead on our trip. Great photo op for my big kid.


  1. Oh no...Ayn Rand!!!

    Well, it's good that they're reading, at least!



  2. my grandkids (the eldest) went there and LOVED IT!!!