Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Untold Story #10: The Outer Banks

This story isn't entirely untold, as I shared about the ghost-crab hunting awhile back, but in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, I've been thinking so much about the Outer Banks. In July, we spent a weekend there at the invitation of our friends Rachel and Scott. Rachel was telling me just yesterday that the first floor of the condo where we stayed in Hatteras is flooded. (We also took a ferry to Ocracoke.)

I want to share some of my other photos and say that I remember this trip with tenderness, as it seems to have been a turning point of sorts for us.

I'm thinking of the folks who have rebuilding to do on the Outer Banks. I'm thinking of the scriptures about building a house on sand and how very committed some people are to it, nonetheless. They don't just build but rebuild over and over, and I'm wondering about them: about the resilience they must have...the dedication and wild hope.

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