Saturday, October 1, 2016

31 Days of Untold Stories

I've been blogging for almost six years, but every year I've written less than the year before, and my blogging has tanked over the past year. I've always been primarily a night blogger, so while I was working nights, I didn't fight for blogging unless there was something I "had" to blog.

Now, although I'm in entrepreneurial overdrive, the season of my working away from home has passed. I don't know how many unblogged stories I have from the last year, but a lot, especially since I never stopped using my camera. I have decided, then, to make this my October to participate in Write 31 Days. Even if I run out of photos before I run out of October, I know I won't run out of stories.

I've always blogged with my children in mind, but I hope, whomever you are, you're entertained and/or encouraged in this space. Welcome.

With every post, I'll add a link right here and therefore build a list. I welcome e-mail subscribers, too; if you prefer to receive my posts via e-mail, there's a box in the right-hand column just for you. Thanks for reading along.

Untold Story #1: The Lost Sea
Untold Story #2: CJ's Senior Casuals
Untold Story #3: Scott County, Tennessee
Untold Story #4: Chip's Teeth
Untold Story #5: Backyard Terrors
Untold Story #6: Matthew and the Gift of Loyalty
Untold Story #7: Amelia County Fair
Untold Story #8: On Being Grabbed
Untold Story #9: Lions Narnia Braille Trail
Untold Story #10: The Outer Banks
Untold Story #11: My Minor in Political Science
Untold Story #12: Vollis Simpson's Whirligigs
Untold Story #13: South of the Border...& Pedro
Untold Story #14: Yemassee, SC
Untold Story #15: Kazoobie Kazoo Factory
Untold Story #16: Smallest Church in America
Untold Story #17: Florida, Day One
Untold Story #18: Ringling Estate
Untold Story #19: Unconditional Surrender
Untold Story #20: Yoder's and Siesta Key
Untold Story #21: St. Petersburg Murals

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  1. OHHHHH HOW INSPIRING!!! I love this and MAYBE I can START BLOGGING AGAIN , been in a writing funk
    thank you! I followed your link to the origin of the WRITE 31 DAYS and I got some butterflies (buddy flies) in my stomach..
    thank you thank you! sure have missed our breakfast times... lets fix that?....OK so that senior shoot you did? what a fabulous blog post and photos! I especially love the "reflection" one! AWESOME!