Thursday, January 2, 2014

One Little, Two Little, Three Little

I'd intended from the start to photograph the girls there, and after Dad's and my last visit, my parents were excited, too. When I told Mom I wanted the girls to wear feathers in their hair, she perked up and said she had leather and beads and beautiful brown feathers, as a matter of fact, and could make headbands. I said I'd been thinking construction paper, but leather would be good. No brown feathers, though, I told her: bright red and yellow ones. Tacky.

She pretty much hates tacky but did as I asked. Then, mere hours before the shoot, she said: "I have a full costume one of us could wear. I made it years ago, for a costume party."

I laughed and said I didn't intend to dress up, and what would be the point, anyway, since I'd be behind the camera.

"Would it be okay if I wore it," she asked, "to have my photo taken with the girls?" and my heart skipped a beat because she was ever-so-slightly shy about it.

"Sure," I told her, and she sent my big kid into the closet after the costume. She looked so beautiful in it, too. Typical my mama: always put together. And I don't think she'd envisioned (even after my last set of photos) how far she'd have to hobble on her sore foot, but she did it. I couldn't love her more if I tried; she's just my kind of crazy, and we're all so blessed to have her.


  1. Your mama is beautiful! And your girlies are growing up way too fast!!!

  2. creative, so creative, super cute! I love this last picture.

  3. What a beautiful Mom you have! I love love love that last picture!!!

  4. Now I know where all your beauty comes from. Your are so blessed to have a beautiful mom. :)

  5. Precious!

    I love how you combined your love of family with love of this historic place and what it has meant to you.

    Thanks for sharing!