Saturday, January 25, 2014

14 Things for His 14th Birthday

Cade. I can't believe you're fourteen: that's crazy town. I looked down the other day and realized you have your dad's hands. The years (especially these last five) have flown, and I want the next five to really count.

For your fourteenth birthday, I've given up facebook. I want you to know: no face means more to me than yours. I want to spend more time studying it over games of backgammon and bowls of batter.

And now, a list. Fourteen things I really like about you:
  • I like how deeply patient you are, how even-tempered and calm.
  • I like how you see right to the heart and choose your friends accordingly. (I really like your friends!)
  • I like how you finish what you start and take your time finishing (enjoying the journey).
  • I like how you choose not to take anything or anyone (including yourself) too seriously. I love your laugh.
  • I like that you're not afraid to act, think, wear! outside the box.
  • I like how respectful you are, especially of other people's feelings. I like how you call when you think I'm worried.
  • I like how naturally artistic and creative you are: how the drawings, music, and words come easily.
  • I like how you grasp concepts and come to understand quickly how things work.
  • I like how you can recommend a good book at any time.
  • I like how you're always up for one-on-one time with me (board game, play, movie, dinner, etc.).
  • I like how you never act embarrassed of me in front of your friends, including the pretty girls.
  • I like how you sing with me in the choir and crowd me in the pew, Sundays: how you still put your head on my shoulder, sometimes, during the sermon.
  • I like how encouraging you are. ("You sound like Alicia Keyes when you sing, Mom," you say, and, "Have you printed from your blog, lately? Because I haven't read it for awhile.")
  • Mostly, I like how you're becoming exactly who you should. I'm thankful that the Lord is faithful; that He redeems; that He can call forth a fascinating, strong boy from two separate households: no big deal; that He lives in your heart and loves you beyond my wildest, human imaginings. That He's got this. You.
I'm so deeply blessed, grateful, honored! to be your mom. Happy Fourteenth Birthday, Cade. I love you.


  1. Happy Birthday Cade! your mammas description of you at 14 reminds me much of your MOM and how I would describe her..... except you are the male version .... and you look a lot like her too , not your hands nor your nose but many of your features are hers! I know why you are not embarrassed of her , because you are PROUD OF HER just as she is of you, and I am of you both. Keep enjoying the journey and never forget that little piece of advice from your mom and me (just an old lady putting in her two cents) because you never (unfortunately) get a DO OVER .... :) happy birthday my january birthday friend......

  2. I just wrote a long comment and lost it but what I wanted to say is HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a fellow JANUARY birthday friend! I am proud of you (through your mammas eyes) you hold so many of her qualities and even some of her looks , but you know that.... as I read her description of you , it could just as well be her (except your hands and your nose) but of course you wouldn't be embarrassed of her.... because you are proud of her , just as she is of you..... :) I am so fortunate to call her and you my friends! :)

  3. Yip, I'd say this is a kid to love. You are a blessed Momma, who blesses her son I can see that thru his actions. I think my Brayden should meet your Cade.