Sunday, January 5, 2014


My one word for 2013 was peace, and I hold myself responsible for failing to achieve it, and the means by which I most allowed its disruption was probably facebook but possibly the blogosphere. I guess when it comes right down to it, I've lacked the intelligence, the discipline, or both to solve the problem up to this point, but I'm working on it, and I'm thinking that admitting I have a problem is the first step in my solving it.

Truth is, I can't handle some of the things people share. Truth is, I have long, drawn-out arguments with people in my mind. Truth is, I allow the words of other people to provoke and anger me.

My problem with people's words--no matter what they say--is just that: my problem, and I'm the only person who can solve my problem. As of this very moment, I pledge: when I feel angry over someone's words, I'm not going to respond with words; I'm going to respond by unfollowing that person on facebook or in the blogosphere. Then I'm going to dedicate whatever new head space I have to the Lord and the people right in front of me.

My word for 2014: ignore.

I feel happier already.


  1. I am wondering what in the world someone could have said to upset you so much? I ignore to a fault........ and really its ignoring and putting it somewhere that it later erupts..... more so than if I had approached each
    "little" thing individually.......that isn't good either I know but I do love the concept. I don't believe in revenge, I don't always "forgive" (I know I should but.....) and then there is the ignore....... that usually doesn't "dissolve" it , just pushes it to another place..... ? I know this probably didn't help blanket friend needs to RELEASE ...... give to someone else to make sense of it? LOVE YOU

  2. I have gone thru this friend. I got to a point where there was so much swimming around in my head of what others were saying and trying to decide how I was going to respond I quit hearing the Lord. Even that was all jumbled up in my head. So, yip, I get it. The only real voice we want to hear comes from above. Love your word, I do!

  3. Happy 2014, Brandee! Ignore is a good word and focus, I think, because it allows you to increase your attention to what truly matters to you. Love your heart!

  4. I think that when there was just 3 channels and one phone line - much went unobserved and it was easier to ignore - the intentional and un-intentional arrows. I want to learn how to ignore the hurts but still care and love:) I know there's a way to do this - only He can make it happen:) I love the fire in how you communicate - my fiestyness got a little lost in the last few years - and I need to get it back!!!

  5. its interesting the emotional attachment we develop with those that we have never met but gotten to know through their words...and then they do something...its almost easier because of the anonymity behind a computer...or their cover slips and we see them for who they are...or they write something that throws us for a loop...i dunno if it was any of that but i hear you...and ignore might not be a bad thing...smiles.

  6. Strangely - I have sensed the word "quiet" that I was given to perhaps mean to keep myself quiet instead of getting all worked up about some things. To pick my battles and to be quiet on everything else. I get easily riled up. I'm guessing some of your "ignore" advice might help me achieve some quiet within my own head, heart and home.

  7. This one made me smile.

    I frequently find myself wondering, "Hmmm...wonder why that set them off?" Usually, it's followed by an shoulder shrug and "Oh, well!"

    Occassionally, though, I get sucked in. If it's a relationship I really care about, then I call or PM to learn more about what's going on in their head and try to straighten out any misunderstandings.

    If it's a blog comment where I feel I must respond for the sake of readers, then it falls into one of two categories. If it's personal, then I just delete the comment. If it's not personal, but a matter of poor theology that could be misleading to someone, then I state my position and drop it.

    Unless...they don't let it drop...then I try to drop it, anyway...and usually suceed...but occasionally allow myself to be drawn into a debate that I didn't really want to get into...

    Blessings to you, during this coming year, as you Ignore! :-)

  8. Back again to say I interpreted the word "ignore" as not taking the bait. Especially if you know that jumping into the conversation or saying your piece will not be productive. I've been disappointed by facebook and blogging drama. I don't want to give up either of them, but I have found it's better to keep silent in certain situations.Sometimes it seems that people are only interested in "baiting" for an argument.