Friday, November 15, 2013

Prayer Meeting of the Blogosphere (15)

Every time I host a prayer meeting of the blogosphere, I wonder if it will be my last. I wonder often: who am I to host a prayer meeting? Because I know the truth, and the truth is that, as ever, I'm a hot piggy mess.
  • I didn't make it out of my pajamas all day.
  • I didn't comb my hair, either.
  • I'm going to have to rewash what's in the washing machine.
  • I can barely see the floor of the playroom.
  • Or the floor of the girls' bedroom.
  • I'm having at least one issue with 4/4 children, right now, including this one, who keeps climbing up on the dining booth:

Kitchen floor isn't looking so great, either.

But--insecurities and all--here I am. In the same "Chicks with Brains" pajama pants I've been wearing all day. And what I want you to know is this: I'm not concerned with my brains, or yours, but with our hearts. If you're here reading this, I want you to know: I love you. I may not agree with you, but I love you. And if you're a mama like I am, I want you to know that I know.

I know you're at a loss, sometimes, when it comes to your kid. I know you don't know how to persuade him or her to stay in bed, take a nap, sleep through the night, eat the healthy dinner, complete homework, step away from the screen, step away from the compromising situation (whatever it is).

I know you're worried about how this person--this person you grew into being--will turn out. Will (s)he be healthy in every respect? Safe? Morally sound? Jesus-loving? Well educated? Will (s)he find the right job? The right spouse? All the right answers?

You're wondering if you're appropriately engaged. You're wondering if you're overlooking something or over-thinking it. Are you dropping the ball? Are you too controlling? Are you taking enough time for yourself or not enough? You can hardly say.

I know. I know because you tell me, but I also know because I'm just like you. We need one another, and we need the Lord. We need Him to center and ground us: to direct and lead us. To fill us with His wisdom and love and patience and strength. I invite you to pray with me:

Heavenly Father, I need You. I'm overwhelmed by the responsibility of mothering this person whom I want to become his or her best self. Guide me. Open my eyes, hands, mind, and heart to the best way: to Your way, Father. I long for my husband and children to rise up and call me blessed and for my husband to praise me as in Proverbs 31. I can't see the way to there, from here, and I need Your help. I'm asking for it. Forgive me for my sins and shortcomings, Lord, and help me to be more and better, tomorrow: for my family and for every bit of Your kingdom. In Jesus's name I pray and ask these favors, amen.

Now it's your turn! Would you like to participate in an old-fashioned prayer meeting of the blogosphere? Here are some ideas:

  • You can pray about my prayer request.
  • You can share a prayer request by means of a comment.
  • You can share a prayer request on your personal blog and direct me to your post by means of a comment.
  • You can pray about a participant's prayer request.
  • You can write a prayer about my, your, or someone else's prayer request (in comments hither or yon, on your blog, etc.). If your prayer is somewhere other than this place, please direct me as you can and  will.
  • You can join in praying my or someone else's prayer.
  • You can share an update regarding a prayer request you've made here, in the past. 

I'm here for you, Friends.


  1. That first picture? Maymont Park, Japanese Gardens! You just made my day, hon :)

    1. Yes, yes. Beautiful place, and you'll appreciate this: on the day of the photo (halloween), a man played guitar from the structure above the water, and my redhead climbed a little incline and danced and danced. God bless you, Rick.

  2. Ahhh. Bless you my friend. Thank you for ur post. For ur prayer. You are a blessing to me.

    1. You're doing a great job, Mama! Love you!

  3. Brandee, my dear, I love you. Sometimes I think you know me already ... like total BFFs ... because you describe my life ... right down to the kitchen floor ... perfectly. It's a blessing at times to simply be reassured that you're not alone in your hot piggy mess. Thank you for your willingness to be so open ... and so refreshingly honest. I just started attending these prayer meetings ... I sure would miss them if they came to an end. Some day I hope to meet you in person, but I must warn you ... I may be wearing my pajamas. I know you'll overlook it! :)

    1. Thank you for this note of encouragement. I promise to be completely unphased by the pajamas. You don't have to comb your hair, either, if you don't want.

  4. Brandee, this is a real ministry and it reaches people (mine) right to the core of the heart. I love ya!

  5. I love LOVE LOVE that you are doing this. What a blessing for the internet.

    I have been burdened with North Korea lately (OF ALL THE THINGS?!?!). It happens.

    1. Leave it to you to take on a whole country. ;)

      Father, I join JoAnn in lifting the people North Korea up to you. We are so thankful for the freedom we enjoy in this country; we know not everyone is so blessed. May Your will be done in North Korea, Lord: on earth as it is in heaven, Father, and may Your Word find its way into that country. We pray Your hand of protection over Your people, there. In Jesus's name we pray, amen.