Friday, November 8, 2013

Prayer Meeting of the Blogosphere (14)

Welcome to the fourteenth, old-fashioned prayer meeting of the blogosphere. Last week was crazy town for me, and I didn't post. Missed it. Missed you! How are you?

I feel like I've written about this before, but let's talk about those times we pray our hearts out, but God doesn't answer in the ways we hope. Let's talk about disappointment and how difficult it can be to trust God with concerns He doesn't handle the way we'd like.

I entered the prayer request of some friends, today, which is to say: I covered their request in prayer throughout the day. I felt very much with them: heavy, tired, even a little anxious. When the report came in at day's end, it wasn't as positive as I'd hoped. I feel disappointed and want to turn that feeling over to God.

Heavenly Father, forgive me for feeling disappointed when my prayers aren't answered in the way I hope. Help me trust in Your promise to work all things to the good of those who love You and have been called according to Your purpose. Help me to believe: Your ways are better than mine because You see the big picture in a way I can't even fathom. Give me peace, Father, regarding all the things I can't control. 

I pray this same peace for my brothers and sisters reading here. Thank You for them. I ask that each of them will feel Your presence in this little space. I thank You for it.

Help us navigate this life, Lord, with all its up and downs, ins and outs. And I pray a special prayer for those in my life who are battling cancer. You know who they are.

In Your Son's perfect name I pray and ask these favors, amen.

Now it's your turn! Would you like to participate in an old-fashioned prayer meeting of the blogosphere? Here are some ideas:

  • You can pray about my prayer request.
  • You can share a prayer request by means of a comment.
  • You can share a prayer request on your personal blog and direct me to your post by means of a comment.
  • You can pray about a participant's prayer request.
  • You can write a prayer about my, your, or someone else's prayer request (in comments hither or yon, on your blog, etc.). If your prayer is somewhere other than this place, please direct me as you can and  will.
  • You can join in praying my or someone else's prayer.
  • You can share an update regarding a prayer request you've made here, in the past. 

Thank you, Friends, and may God bless until we meet again.


  1. I love the words of your prayer Brandee. I could have spoken them myself!

    Father in Heaven, Thank you thank you thank you for Your continued Presence, Provision, and Peace in our lives. Without You we are nothing, but with You we can do all things through Christ Jesus who redeems us daily by His Blood and who is our Strength and Joy. Thank you for Blogosphere prayer group and for Brandee. May she see Your Hand at work in her life..May she know without doubt that You are for her and Your Plans and Purposes are for her good. Keep her heart and mind stayed on You, Lord and not the things that would seek to destroy her. Thank you for loving her (and me) so very very much. I love you so much, Father God. Blessed be Your Holy Name...Amen

    1. Thank you, Love, for this and every prayer you've prayed for me. So overwhelmed emotionally. This comes at the perfect time.

    2. That's the Holy Spirit at work for sure! I will continue to pray Brandee...((hugs))