Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Falling off the Edge of the Blogosphere

Erin and Mira drove from Chicago and stayed for nigh about a week. Their visit intersected with that of my parents, who drove from East Tennessee to celebrate Chip's first birthday. Jim and I threw a party, of course. During this same period of time, we took our former tenants to court (winning judgment against them) and started working with our tenant-to-be. I was on the hustle even with house guests: taking and editing photos to help the family stay afloat. And I don't even want to talk about our four days without Internet.

So here I am, having taken (quite by accident) my longest blog break in the history of my blogging, which in four days, will be three years.

I have so very much to say and intend to say it all, but for now, I'm just going to share some favorite photos from the last couple weeks (so hard to narrow them down!) so as to catch up in a sloppy sort of way.

Charleigh's First Experience on the Podium

Charleigh: Leaves in the Yard

Chip: Acorn in the Yard. I love everything about this photo, including his mismatched socks and Christmas jacket (prior to halloween), but especially the wonder on his face.

Clementine with a Kitty from Rachel's Barn

Clementine: Corn Kernels at  Chesterfield Berry Farm

Charleigh and Mira: Hay Ride at Chesterfield Berry Farm

Chip at Chesterfield Berry Farm

Clementine Painting Her Pumpkin (and painting it some more!)

Clementine as Snow White in the Yard

Mira as Alice in Wonderland in the Yard

Charleigh at Maymont

Charleigh, Mira, and Clementine at Maymont

Mira, Clementine, and Charleigh after Trick-or-Treating

Chip Covered in Smash Cake (Jim in Background)


  1. welcome back I missed you! I was just about to face message you. I feel a little out of it while my blog is being revamped. Great pictures, Love them all!

  2. These make me smile. Love how you are using that camera and your talent.

  3. I wondered if I had just somehow accidently missed a post of yours or something, I've been missing you! Glad to see this post!

  4. i imagine these past couple weeks have had many non-magical moments, but your photos are straight from a fairy tale. LOVE. you are rocking that camera, and this life.

  5. It's so fun to me that we began blogging within a couple of days of each other:) Guess I remember it this time of year—my "anniversary" is today. I usually enjoy celebrating it with a giveaway, but I've so fallen off the edge of the blogosphere (like the way you put that) this past year that I decided to keep it simple and just try to blog again. Adore your photo recap of recent times!

  6. Hi. I figured you were busy. I totally get that. Glad you're back with your gorgeous pics of your beautiful family. :)

  7. Looks like a very full, fun time! Being present was more important than blogging. Happy birthday to Chip, congratulations to Charleigh, and happy blog anniversary to you!

  8. pure sweetness. love the Halloween glow;)