Friday, January 11, 2013

Why I Quit Astrology

Wednesday, January 9th was full; Sharon and I took the little ones to the park that morning, and Jim and I took the girls to dance class that evening. But, truth is (and for reasons I'm about to share with you), my head always spins a little on January 9th.**

Thirteen years ago, Cade was due on January 9th. At the time, I didn't want him to be born on January 9th because (and please don't get all in a tither until you read the rest of the story) I'd studied astrology for a long time, and I just couldn't imagine how I would ever parent a Capricorn.

Truly, I was caught up enough in astrology to have determined which times were best for my getting pregnant. I'd gotten careless on my twenty-fifth birthday, though, and--as January 9th wasn't anywhere near a cusp--it seemed inevitable that I would soon be parenting someone incompatible, astrologically speaking, with me.

I was distressed, but almost unbelievably, Cade arrived sixteen days late and was therefore born an Aquarius. My mom shook her head and said something like: "Now, that is true stubbornness: to hold a baby in an extra sixteen days to make sure he's born a different sign."

Fast forward less than three years, and I met this girl at a church function and just sort of knew, instantly, that we were going to be best friends. I told her so, and as providence would have it, she was curious enough to hang around and see about that. Ten years down the pike, and she's among those nearest and dearest to my heart: someone with whom I do life.

Well, get this: after I proclaimed that we were going to be best friends, I learned that her birthday is January 9th, Cade's old due date. (I remember narrowing my eyes, wondering: how is it possible that I'm so drawn to a Capricorn?)  

Then I learned that her husband's birthday is the same day as mine! At the time, all of it really messed with my head. I was convinced that she and her husband weren't as happily married as they appeared to be.

Over time, though, I had no choice but to accept it: that Capricorn girl is perfectly compatible with her man. And me. So that was the beginning of the end of my faith in astrology. And more than that, I count this story as part of my heritage of faith in the one true and living God: the One who made the stars. (Only He could have such a sense of humor!)

(Stay tuned, and I'll tell you a story about my mom's creepy-cool friend and how she reminded me that I don't know everything. Or much of anything.)

I would've loved him just as much had he been born a Capricorn.

My Capricorn Bestie

**My head was spinning so hard that I forgot to say Happy Birthday to Christina of crumbs from His table on January 9th, which is a shame; I like the date even more because she was born on it. Happy Belated Birthday, Dear Christina!


  1. I trust God more than I trust the stars, too. Thanks for this story and sharing God's sense of humor. :)

  2. Brandee, when I hear stories like this HE never let's things go does He? As much as you were done with astrology He went and confirmed you were done when finding out that your best friend was born on the forbidden day. He just never let's things go, He carries out to completion along with....confirms who HE is at all times. YES, He made the stars, and you are one of them in my book!! (kind of corny, after saying it but I still like it~smile)

  3. ha. everything happens for a reason you know....its no coincidence on the birthdays....someone was getting your story....hope you have a great weekend

  4. Love stories about long ago and friends and astrology, and hello, don't tease me with a "my mom's creepy, cool friend"...I want to know what she taught you. Yep, here I am, ready!

  5. I had a co worker who was constantly handing me my horoscope. She loved it. I'm glad you got over that one! Love you!

    1. Oh. Well, to clarify, I was never into daily, weekly, monthly, etc. horoscopes. I was passionate, however, about the character portraits. (What does it mean that I'm this sign? And that you're THAT sign? Can we even help being the way we are? How will we interact given our respective signs?) I was most addicted when looking for a romantic partner. In fact, I spent most of my adult life walking away from men who were the same sign as my husband - haha.

  6. How fascinating~the whole journey! I'm laughing since I was due on January 9th but arrived on the 10th. Still a capricorn, I suppose. I think at least one of my daughters is as well. Though I've never studied any of it, I do find it interesting that there are three months of the year when the majority of my friends have birthdays. I've never tested out the theory, but I notice it when looking at the calendar for sure.
    And yes, Happy Birthday to Christina!!:)

  7. I love this story, Brandee! So great how God messed with you. :-)

  8. Thanks for the shout-out. God loves us too much to share us with astrology, but I'm glad you see His sense of humor in helping you outgrow that fascination. My Mom and her parents used to read horoscopes regularly. We even had drinking glasses with our signs on them. It stunned me when I first read what the Bible says about it. Now it surprises me that I ever thought otherwise.