Monday, May 30, 2011

Three Quarters of a Year

Charleigh is nine months old, today.  She has six teeth and says mama and dada.  She's just starting to crawl and pull up: mostly because we hold her too much.  She's no rock star in the sleeping-through-the-night area, either.  Or in the eating-solid-foods area.  Again, spoiled.  But seriously?  She's the happiest baby I've ever known in my life, and everyone agrees.  She's just incredibly chilled out and pleasant.  I can always count on a smile from Charleigh.  She likes to ride my hip and kick her little legs.  Imagine a mule kicking its legs backward at the same time: that's how Charleigh likes to kick her legs while she rides my hip, but forward.  Oh, and when music plays?  She chair dances like it's a sport.  Love her!

Watching a baby develop from a newborn into a nine-month-old has a way of giving someone a different perspective on how much can happen in three quarters of a year.

Charleigh at Birth

Charleigh, Now

Check out Clementine's life in nine month increments:

Clementine, 5 Days Old

Clementine, 9 Months Old
(This is about the time I got pregnant w/ her sister.)
Clementine, 18 Months Old
(Just days before her sister was born.)

Clementine, Now (27 Months Old)

And this is happening all the time, all around us.  In nine months, a baby goes from egg+seed to ready-for-the-world.  In another nine months (s)he goes from infancy to mobility.  With a fair amount of teeth! 

Heavens.  I've just inspired myself to get up off the couch and make the next nine months really count!

Happy Three Quarters of a Year, Stinkerbell!

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