Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Where I Found Him

Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near.
Isaiah 55:6

I found Him, today, in she who with open arms welcomed my children and promised (as I walked away) that He would show up where I was heading.

I found Him in my not getting lost on the way.  I found Him in the empty space just inside the parking garage.  I found Him in my being (for once) on time.

I found Him in every hug I received from one precious to me.

I found Him in the tiny, just-taut brown belly beneath the unbuttoned button of regular blue jeans.  I found Him in the heartbeat coming through the doppler: the first I'd ever heard belonging to someone else's baby.

I found Him in the doctor who insisted upon shaking the mechanic's dirty hand; welcomed four in the too-small room; delivered hard news with care; advised with thought of much later; provided unrushed answers; and promised with sincerity: "We'll see you through this."

I found Him in the black-lined, teary doe eyes of a mommy who loves so much, already, her baby. 

I found Him in sniffs and drips. 

I found Him in the tattooed arm the lanky, earringed baseball-cap-n-falling-down-blue-jeans-wearing daddy slipped around her as, leaving, we walked the hospital hallway.

I found Him in the eager yeses of three young people who joined hands with me in the parking garage, bowed, and prayed.  I found Him in the not-my words.

I found Him in sunlight streaming from behind blackest storm clouds.

I found Him in blossoms bursting from a crooked tree.

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