Sunday, September 21, 2014

Unblogged Happiness: July Edition

On July 3rd, I fell down the steps in our log cabin. I was carrying Chip. In those moments of falling, all my effort went into keeping him in my arms, and I did; he walked away without a scratch. But because I didn't break my fall or even try, something terrible happened to my tail feather. I can't tell you what happened, precisely, because I didn't go to the doctor.

I didn't go to the doctor because I injured my tail feather by falling down steps in 2001 or 2002 and learned at that time: a doctor can't do a durn thing for an injured coccyx beyond prescribing pain medication I can't take. (Don't laugh, but I broke my foot falling down steps in 1993; I should live only in ranchers!)

So, in July, I stood a lot and sat on a donut cushion. I iced my hind end. I shifted from one cheek to the other, and we tore up the road, anyway. July is memorable for its pain. (I'm doing much better, now, but haven't healed entirely.)

In a great effort to catch up, here are some previously unblogged photos from July:

07/01 - Trip to Holliday Lake.

The girls' friend Maeve, with Charleigh

Charleigh and Abi

Chip and Abi


07/04 - A second trip to Swift Creek Berry Farm for blueberries, this time with Cade's friend Phillip, Phillip's mom (and my friend) Margie, and Phillip's friend Gavin. I still think it funny that Cade wasn't with us. I've said it before and I'll say it, again: I'm so thankful for Cade's friends and their families.

Clementine and Phillip

07/04, 07/05, 07/08, 07/19 - Cookouts and Play Dates with Small-group Friends.

Jim and Caleb



Jackson and Lexi

Rena and Jackson

Clementine and a Toad

Rachel and Caleb

Chip, Charleigh, Zach, and Zeb

Charleigh and Caleb

Daleen and Caleb

07/19 - Culmination of Scout Camp. Cade and several of his friends made Order of the Arrow.

07/23 - Stop at Hampton Carousel (my all-time favorite!).

07/29 - Trip to Bear Creek Lake.

07/30 - Homemade Bread at Cary Street Cafe. Michael Laroche (the guy singing, below) is a member of Jim's and my small group. It had been a long time since I'd been out, but I figured supporting Mike was as good as it gets in terms of excuse/opportunity. My friend Beth Stoddard, her daughter Shannon (my girls' favorite babysitter), and son-in-law Travis joined me. It was fun to surprise Mike (who was bowled over, to be honest!), and the music was great! (Homemade Bread's album Echo is available here, through cdbaby, and they have a facebook page, here.)

In the event that you've been missing me, I have a post up at Jumping Tandem: The Retreat, here. I have--in case you missed the news--a sister blog for my photo sessions, here, annnnd you'd bless in "liking, " here, the facebook page for my photography.


  1. OUCH about the tail bone! Your photos are so amazing. I love your summer highlights!

  2. Oooo, that hurts. Mine got badly bruised delivering my first baby - it was in AFrica and they didn't have a delivery table, only a surgical table and it was just too dang hard and hard-edged. That is not fun - and I'm so sorry. But these pix are GREAT.

  3. COOL POST! LOVE EVERY PICTURE! And you ought to call when you're headed for Carytown! As always, the kids are precious, and Cade is as always, smiling! So cool. Love the scout pics, too! Brings back memories.

    Peace <3

  4. That pic of Big Bro/Little Bro is "sublime."

    I can only imagine the conversation...the look on Chip's face is precious!



    (ps, hope you heal up soon.)

    1. Oh, and congrats to Cade for his OA induction!

      (my middle-aged eyeballs missed it first time around.)



  5. Oh, I am sorry for your broken hinnie, that would be the worse, I hope it completely heals soon my friend. I miss you, it seems we need a conversation via the phone. You always take amazing pictures, I love every one of them.

  6. geez that sounds absolutely painful...ugh on there being nothing they can do how long does that take to heal? hopefully you will be making more of those unplugged moments soon....

    1. It took about a year for the pain to go away completely, last time. I'm pretty much carrying on as usual, now, but I hurt when I sit in one position for awhile. The church pew is a killer.