Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Family, Pt. 2

After our time in Virginia Beach, my brother-in-law Terry, his wife Jill, and their younger daughter Adalynn Grace spent a couple days at our log cabin. (Their older daughter Jasmine was in another state, spending time with Jill's mom.) I didn't use my camera very much but did take some photos of our fishing just down the road:

Poor Cade was with us at the beach, too, but somehow I failed to photograph him, there?

I'd come up with some ideas for sightseeing, but in the end, everyone was content just to hang out at (or very near) home. I'm thankful for in-laws with whom I enjoy spending time. Aside from the days of preparation for my mother-in-law's funeral, these were my first with Terry's family but without my mother-in-law. I missed her so much and knew her absence was felt even more painfully by Jim and Terry. We all agreed, though: she would have been so glad for our being together. She wanted her sons to be close.


I mentioned in my last post: Andrea and her bunch are the only relatives who live within an hour's distance of Jim's and my log cabin. Over these recent years of my having little ones, Andrea has spent far more time here, in Powhatan, than I have in Petersburg, where she lives. I'm so thankful for her and so proud! to claim the title "great aunt" to Andrea's granddaughter (Brandi's daughter) Haven Mae. Here are some of my favorite photos of the little kids' and my summer happiness in both Petersburg and Powhatan with this part of our family:

How is my baby big enough to hold a baby? Waaaah!

So out of focus, but I love the expressions!

I have a few photos of precious moments among my parents and children but will save those for a future post about Charleigh's birthday celebration. 


  1. The kids on the steps is a classic shot...



  2. Very good times! I swear I love it that Cade is always smiling. What a happy young man!

    Peace <3

  3. pictures are beautiful. Aren't you grateful that we have the means to 'capture a moment' and keep it near us to see way after it is over. This is a gift I do believe. Keep them close my friend, cherish the moments I know you do.