Thursday, October 17, 2013

Prayer Meeting of the Blogosphere (12)

Welcome to the twelfth, old-fashioned prayer meeting of the blogosphere. How are you? I've been sitting here taking inventory, trying to decide how I am, and I'm thinking that--if I'm undecided--I must not be doing all that badly. Ha!

(I used to have this friend at the adult home--Miss Iris, her name was--and every time someone asked her how she was doing, she'd say: "Pretty good, for an old lady." I feel happy, remembering.)

Before I go any further, I want to make a point of thanking you for being here on Fridays. Thank you for agreeing with me in prayer. Thank you for sharing your prayer requests with me.

I'm not going to lie: the prayer-meeting posts are my most unpopular, and I've been tempted to stop writing them. But you know what? This isn't a popularity contest: it's a fellowship of believers! I read back through my prayer-meeting posts, this evening, and several of my prayers have absolutely been answered! Too, these posts fall right in line with my central reason for blogging, which is to record life and faith for my children. Without further ado, then:

Heavenly Father, thank You for hearing us when we pray, and thank You for every answered prayer. You know all the mess I have on my heart; help me leave it at the foot of the cross so as not to let it affect my mood or outlook. I pray the same for my brothers and sisters reading here. Give us the gift of the "big picture." Help us to focus on our many blessings, Lord. You are so good, and we love You so much. In Jesus's name we pray, amen.

Now it's your turn! Would you like to participate in an old-fashioned prayer meeting of the blogosphere? Here are some ideas:

  • You can pray about my prayer request.
  • You can share a prayer request by means of a comment.
  • You can share a prayer request on your personal blog and direct me to your post by means of a comment.
  • You can pray about a participant's prayer request.
  • You can write a prayer about my, your, or someone else's prayer request (in comments hither or yon, on your blog, etc.). If your prayer is somewhere other than this place, please direct me as you can and  will.
  • You can join in praying my or someone else's prayer.
  • You can share an update regarding a prayer request you've made here, in the past. 

God bless you, Friends. I hope to see you next week, if not before.


  1. I got a letter from my dad today - we haven't spoken in a year. I called him today because of the letter, and unfortunately he has not changed. Please pray for his heart that he would change. And for me as sometimes the emotional aftermath of the conversation hits.

    And I am thankful for this each week (I know I don't hit it every week, but the weeks I do it is such a blessing to pray and to be prayed for.) So thanks for doing this, Brandee!

    Dear God,I pray that You would take everything that Brandee has laid at Your feet, the big and the little stuff, and You would ease her burden and replace it with the peace and joy of Your presence. I thank You for this prayer meeting and how You are not conerned with how we pray so much as THAT we pray. I pray that You would be glorified through the prayers that have been answered and will be answered here.

    1. Thank you, Amanda. I appreciate you so much. Is your dad a believer?

      Father, thank You for Amanda: for her life, faith, and all the love she pours into this world. I lift her up to You. I lift her dad up to You. I lift their relationship up to You, knowing it has its own entity. You know the ins and outs of it, and I ask first and foremost that You would draw both Amanda and her dad ever closer to You and Your heart. You know what's best; I pray for that thing: whether it's distance or reconciliation. And I just ask You to give Amanda Your peace, as her Heavenly Father. Draw her near as she parents her children, and continue to bless her marriage, family, and home. In Jesus's name I pray and ask these favors, amen.

  2. I spoke to a man who's wife is leaving. I am crushed for him and reliving my own sadness.
    Thank you for this chance to pray together. Silently whispering blessings, exhortations, and praise to His name.

    1. Thank you, David, for bringing this request.

      Father God, thank You for David and his heart for a friend. Thank You for not wasting David's hurt but, instead, using it as he prays for, empathizes with, and comforts another. I lift David up to You. Remind him, Father, how far he's come, yet how very near You are.

      I lift David's friend and his wife up to You, asking first and foremost that they would make their way into the hot center of Your will for their lives, whatever that looks like. I pray that--if they aren't walking in relationship with You--they would develop that close intimacy. We know, Lord, that You can redeem any situation into which we truly allow You. Thank You for that.

      Help us, Father, not to fail one another. Thank You for forgiving me for being a wife who has given up. Thank You for providing for my ex-husband, my son's father, a wife who appears to love him in the way he deserves to be loved. Thank You for working not only in my current marriage but also in my relationships with my ex-husband and his wife. You are so good. I ask You to continue to bless and keep David and just wash over him in such a powerful way that he knows it's only can only be You.

      In every season, You are so good. Comfort us, Lord, and make us better and more for Your kingdom. In Jesus's name we pray, amen.