Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Cup

When someone drinks from a cup, she drinks from something other than glass because--if she drinks from glass--she'll either call that container by the name of its substance, or she'll call it a mug: not, generally, a cup. I prefer to drink from glass: especially wine, also sweet tea and most anything with fizz to it.

A glass seems cleaner, somehow, than a cup. Cups (especially plastic ones) trap odors and stains. Ice doesn't taste so good, out of a cup, as it does from a glass. Perhaps nothing does.

Cups haven't that charming ring when tapped with silverware; they're insufficient for toasts.

Cups melt, sometimes, but they don't tend to break. Cups are safe and--let's face it--childish. Undignified. They're sold in spill-proof varieties. They house Kool-Aid, medicine, pee.

Aside from a few juice glasses and mugs, in this log cabin, we drink from only cups: plastic cups. My husband prefers Big Gulp cups from 7-Eleven. Cade, my 12-year-old, seems to like the tall, skinny black cups with fading owls on them. They belonged to my grandma and remind me of the days when she had her own house, cupboards, cups. The girls drink from sippy cups: Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse, Tinkerbell, various princesses.

I'm indifferent. I drink from whatever cup is clean. I prefer to drink from glass (Were you paying attention?) but suspect that this season of cups is meant to draw me closer to Jesus.

Jesus is a cup man. There are those who would try to capture Him in glass; trap Him in glass; make Him as transparent/dangerous/cutting/fancy-schmancy as glass, but He's a cup man. Scripture bears it out.

"Suffer the little children to come unto me," Jesus says, and I'll tell you the truth: I don't think He minds if the children come carrying sippy cups. Nor do I think He minds if their mommies come running behind with little cups of medicine. Jesus loves little people with sugar highs, Kool-Aid mustaches, medicine breath. He loves, too, the mommies behind them.

Jesus takes the cup; gives thanks; tells His followers to drink His blood out of it. It's shed for the remission of sins, He says.

Jesus loves the kids, the sinners, ordinary (wo)men. He loves us here, in this log cabin, drinking from cups. He's right here. He's a cup man.

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  1. Love this. I ALWAYS request glass, such that the kids know when they set the table, no matter what cups they grab for themselves and each other, mom always wants glass.

    I'll have to start thinking about being more like Jesus, and be a bit more satisfied with whatever cup I get.

    Great post.

    Love you.

  2. Hi Brandee,
    Giving thanks w/ you that Jesus loves the kids, the sinners, and ordinary wo/men...great reflection...
    linked up behind you at Em's...blessings :)

  3. This is a fascinating illustration! Thanks. But... as a fellow lover of glass, I take great comfort in seeing Jesus as ALSO a glass guy. He seriously does it all, doesn't he!?

  4. I adore you girl. I am a glass girl. I cannot abide a paper cup at home. If I have coffee from a styrofoam cup I get the hiccups. I think I am a gulper and need a wider mouth on my cup. Oh yes, I have analyzed it. I have a favorite glass and a favorite cup. I know what I like.
    Love your mind. I was just reading this scripture yesterday after Aubrie's wise statement and looked it up. Great post.

  5. Love this. Jesus is a cup man. That may forever change my totally irrational distaste for the mismatched plastic vessels that tend to get stacked up willy-nilly and fall sideways, invading my cupboards. I want a matched set, glass preferably, but plastic is okay, so long as they match, as they stack up nicely and allow me to have just one thing, one cupboard in my big messy life that is ordered and sensible. Nothing about following Jesus is all that ordered or sensible. It's a big, sticky, sideways, grace-spilled, love-bubbled Big Gulp of an existence. So, cheers. ;)

  6. we used to have glass but one by one they shattered in beautiful bits on the kitchen floor, so now we are a House of Cups. undignified, but how warming to think that Jesus is right at home here. :) love you, brandee.

  7. oh girl. this is so unique and challenging. i love that Jesus is a cup man. it makes him so very human and lovable. thank you.

  8. What a beautiful perspective! Jesus, the cup man. I get it -- and love it.

  9. Yes, Jesus is a cup man. Cups of kindness, pain and overflowing with love. Yes, Jesus is a cup man.

  10. Jesus is a cup man and I am so thankful he is. It means he has room for me as messy and broken as I am. Lovely message.