Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Random Updates

So, I tanked the one-hour glucose test, but--thanks to a mix-up with the lab--it took my doctor's office two weeks or so to figure it out. They ordered the three-hour test two days before we were supposed to drive down to Tennessee, and I couldn't figure out how to to squeeze it in before we left. I saw my doctor upon our return, and he suggested that--given the results of the one-hour test and the fact that I had gestational diabetes with Clementine--I skip the three-hour test and return to my diabetes doctor. So as not, you know, to waste more time.

But...it took the office of my diabetes doctor two weeks to schedule me in, and that was just for a consultation with their dietician. She gave me a brand new meter, today, and told me to check my sugar four times a day, starting tomorrow, and return in two weeks.

So, basically, if I need insulin (as I did with Clementine), it will be available for about six weeks before baby time. Chip may well be my first baby to bust up out of the nine-pound range. I guess it stands to reason that the person most concerned is the one with her nether regions in question.

In other news, the girls and I have been rocking the chore chart, and, this week, I've started "preschool" with them here at home.

Also, I got so sick and tired of punishing Miss Charleigh Evangeline (who was thoroughly unphased by both spankings and time outs) that I told Clementine: if she bites you, bite her back. I realize this doesn't exactly align with biblical principles, but it seems to be working, and I'm happy enough in not seeing fresh bite marks on my older daughter. Oddly, I don't think it's working because Charleigh has a new understanding of how much it hurts to be bitten (I wonder, sometimes, if Charleigh has a congenital insensitivity to pain!), but because Charleigh knows Clementine will do something other than cry.

I really do have my hands full. Clementine's grown up a lot just in the last couple of months, but Sister has hopped up on the crazy train. I do think I could potty train her fairly easily, but one thing at a time, right?

Jim's doing great: down 50 pounds since surgery and 100 pounds since the beginning of summer. He took the girls out for dinner and ice cream Friday evening, also for shopping on Saturday, and those just aren't things he would've done a few, short months ago.

Cade's settling into Junior High. Last year, he tried out to play bass clarinet--an instrument provided by the school--and was chosen. He seems to be enjoying that challenge. The two of us went out to dinner Friday night and had an amazing, two-hour conversation.

Charleigh's moved into a toddler bed, and she's talking in complete sentences. Clementine's writing most of her (capital) letters. Chip's kicking me to death. Yesterday, the girls and I went to the zoo, where I managed to push the double stroller (with both girls in it) up a hill that seemed big as Mt. Everest. That is all.


  1. oh I love trhe raffies and your girls smiley faces :o) (who'd think they'd be little rotters when no bloggers are looking LOL!)

    How frustrating to have the mix-up with your glucose test...I hope Chip behaves himself and doesn't grow too big (My nether regions hurt just thinking about it!)

    yay Jim on the weight loss...great job, and WTG Cade on being selected to play bass clarinet. He must take after me, Brandee for I played Clarinet for a short stint in my middle years. *grins*

  2. Love an update! Proud you guys are doing good. I was horrible at biting my sister,& my mom did the same. She said that was the only thing that stopped me. Love and miss you all!

  3. Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! :)

  4. love the update. Gosh, you would think they would be a little more proactive on your whole diabetes thing....I like his name, 'Chip', way cool. The biting thing? Yip, I'm one of those Mom's too, but I didn't let the sibling bite back, I bit back, it didn't take long he got the message. I'm really happy for that man of yours. He must be feeling better in general! Have a great day friend.

  5. Loved this, Brandee. Great pictures - great sense of acceptance of your life as it is at this moment. It won't always be this way, life has this way of constantly shifting shapes! But wherever we are in the midst of it, if we can step back just a little and say, "Yup. This is where we are. And we're surviving. Thanks be to God" - well, that's a good thing. (BTW, my last babe was 9#12 oz and he was by far the easiest to push out - so take heart, friend. Hoping you can avoid the insulin, too - but thankfully, it's there if you need it...and not for long.)

  6. what an adorable family you have...ever growing...smiles....wow that is some baby....but i am glad things are well with you as well....and sometimes you just got to do (in the case of biting) so they understand...

  7. So sorry about the glucose test! I'd been wondering. Otherwise, this news update from the log cabin sounds positive ("Weariness" post notwithstanding). Hooray for Jim!!!!!!

    May God give strength and courage for your day today and keep you and Chip healthy, even if that means insulin for a wee bit.

    (BTW, my sister's twins were 17 lbs total. She ripped the pocket off her husband's cargo shorts.)