Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Movie Review: The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Jim was wondering aloud if he needed to undergo surgery, again, in order for us to have some alone time. Fortunately, our friend Jymmi came to the rescue. (She's a grown-up, but she's one of the girls' very best friends.)

Jim and I went to McAlister's. I ate a grilled sandwich (Smoky Pepper Jack Turkey). He had a spud with chili...or part of one, anyway. I didn't take photos.

Then we went to the movies to see The Odd Life of Timothy Green. We loved it!

This film includes fantastic elements, but what it offers is not only beautiful but also believable, relatable, even universal: for adults. I'm thinking it will go over your children's heads unless they're at least thirteen, and--if they're teenagers--they'll appreciate a different movie more, so leave them at home.

Do, however, take Kleenex. I was sobbing by the end of the movie, and in my efforts not to frighten the children in front of me by making horrible gasping noises, I missed, at first, the fact that my beloved was mopping his face with his shirt. "It got me a little, Brandee," he said.

But look: there's a difference between a movie that's worth an emotional investment and one that (like Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close) isn't. The Odd Life of Timothy Green will probably get you a little if you're a parent. It might get you a lot if you're not a parent but desperately want to be, but you may well appreciate its message ("Never give up!"), regardless.

It's hard work to build a family, and it's hard work to grow that family once it's complete. The parents in The Odd Life of Timothy Green (like many parents I know in real life) struggle in getting their son, and--once they have him--worry too much about some things and not enough about others. They love big, and they make mistakes. You'll just adore them.

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