Wednesday, August 31, 2011


How to align the heart with the mind?

The mind says: The days end abruptly, take flight like startled birds.
The heart says: I can't wait 'til naptime. Or, better yet, bedtime.

The mind says: Too soon, her words will make sense, form the building blocks of half-conversations.
The heart says: If she repeats herself one more time, I'm going to put my head down and cry.

The mind says: School's right around the corner, and you'll miss her.
The heart says: Please, God, send a big, yellow bus. Like, yesterday.

The mind says: Someday she'll eat like a little lady, and you'll remember these days and laugh.
The heart considers the sticky, pink window panes and says: I'll never give her a bicycle popsicle, again!

The mind says: There'll be plenty of years, later, for leisurely haircuts and shopping.
The heart says: I'm sick of worrying that someone's going to fall out of the stroller, on her head. Or bite someone else.

The mind says: Someday, you'll want her, and she'll be too busy for you.
The heart says: What I wouldn't give for a little peace and quiet!

The mind says: You love her.
The heart says: I love her. But she would drive Mister Rogers to drinkin', and she's sure enough driving me plumb crazy!

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