Photography & Eulogy Writing

My journey with photography started when my husband surprised me with a Canon Rebel T3i for Christmas 2012. It was truly a surprise, as we'd discussed purchasing a DSLR, but with a newborn, a 2yo, and 3.5yo, I was concerned that the camera would just get broken.

Once I had the Rebel, though, I was pretty well obsessed with figuring out how it worked. It came with two kit/zoom lenses, but I had read just enough to know that I wanted a 50mm lens, which we purchased right away. That turned out to be the lens that lived on my camera; in fact, it eventually got stuck on my camera with a grain of sand and had to be broken, removed, and replaced.

In 2015, I purchased a Canon 6D, but I still tend to carry my Rebel on hikes and especially around water. I shoot primarily with prime lenses--35mm, 50mm, 85mm--but have upgraded my big zoom lens for those situations in which I can't zoom with my feet.

At this point, I've had many wonderful opportunities to take photos of and for others. I've photographed women's retreats, weddings, childbirth!, newborns, child dedications, baptisms, children, high-school seniors, and pets. I'm always up for trying new things and have just within the last few months photographed a Chinese-lantern release, a boudoir session, and a ladies' event at a fitness center. (I really want to photograph some food; anyone?)

I have to say, though: portrait and family photography are my very favorites. To that end, I'd like to share a bit about my greater dream.

I want to help people write their stories down while they have the opportunity, and while I'm at it, I want to photograph them with their families. 

People are multi-faceted; you know? I have a Master's degree in English and teach literature and composition for a career college. It's the third school of its type where I've taught. (I've also tried my hand at teaching 6th-grade English.) My spiritual gift is mercy, which makes me an excellent server, and yes, I've waited tables very recently. My spiritual gift also makes me a natural fit for pastoral care within the church. I have a heart, especially, for bereavement.

To that end, I've started a eulogy-writing business. We think of a eulogy as something written after someone passes away, and in fact, that's where much of my experience lies. I've written many eulogies. Often, a grieving family has mere days to gather images of their loved one and capture him or her in words. Sometimes it has to be that way; often, it does not. To learn more, please visit my website, here.

Additionally, I welcome you to view more of my photography on facebook by clicking here.

Please reach out if you have photography or writing needs with which I can help. I would be honored.

Portrait of My Dad - December 2016

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  1. What a wonderful way to give back and show your god given talent. So proud of you and this endeavor! I look forward to seeing this progress and following you on your journey.