Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Dark Night of the Soul: A Poem

No one is coming.
Your dad is not coming.
Your brother is not coming.
Neither your friends nor
their spouses are coming.
Your counselor isn't coming.
None of your ex-boyfriends
has ever been interested
in this kind of coming. ha
No one from your church
is coming. God, Himself,
is not coming. But, wait.

God is not coming because
He has always been here,
waiting for you to request
His help
in rescuing yourself, at last.


  1. Yes, darkness or light, He is here. <3

  2. Oh, yes! He is right here - has been all along. Sometimes we don't realize that until we've exhausted seeking out all the people who are and aren't supposed to "be there" for us. Poignant, Brandee. I feel the emptiness - the blindness to who is right there until forced by emptiness to see!

  3. That last bit had me gasping, Brandee! You are SO right - He IS here, He's never left us...nor forsaken us. May we always remember we are never alone even when all else has forsaken us. Love from your kiwi friend,
    Julia xo