Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Grandma in Glory: A Poem

Absent from the body, present with the Lord,
and I just can't help imagining, Grandma,
what it was like for you to be one minute here
and the next minute there: just suddenly there,
on a pathway in Glory. I'll bet your mouth
fell open a little as, standing stock-still, you
glanced about: what in the...then you knew.
You realized. You looked down at your shoes,
your dress, your hands. Your hands! They look
like they did eighty years ago! You lifted one
to your hair, pulled a strand across your face:
dark. Then in the distance you saw...Daniel?
You squinted from habit, but your young eyes
see fine: it's really him! And you hesitated for a
trembly moment like an animal just released,
then pulled off your heels and broke into a run,
your legs nimble as a doe's, no knee pain at all.


  1. So beautiful. Everyone should remember this!

    Peace <3

  2. This is worshipful. I don't even know how else to describe what you've done with your words as you remember your grandmother and rejoice in the freedom she now experiences. Beautiful, beautiful.

  3. Praise God for your grandma's faith and healing of the best kind. I'm sorry for your loss, friend. I know she is missed. Grace and peace to you in Christ Jesus for whatever this day may hold.

  4. Brandee,

    I'm sorry for the loss of your grandma (mine just died this winter too), but what a joyful poem of homecoming!

    Jennifer Dougan

  5. The photo of your grandma shows a woman who lived life beautiful! When my grandmother died - I saw her much as you describe your grandma - a spirit freed from a frail body. I could see my grandmother's spirit, racing,soaring toward heaven much like she used to race the trains of Normandy, Kentucky with her horse as a girl. I am so sorry for your separation - but am rejoicing with you on gaining heaven - and that one day, when we cross over - our grandmother's will be right there, waiting to pull us into hugs! Love your poem sweet friend! Made me miss my grandmother.~maryleigh

  6. Brandee,

    I love this photo paired with your words...beautiful...Thank you...praying God continues to comfort you and your family as you mourn your grandmother.