Wednesday, March 13, 2013

MeMe (& Char & Chip?) at the Zoo: A Photo Essay

I took a ton of photos at the zoo, the other day. A ton. So I could hardly believe it when I came home and discovered zero photos of Baby Chip and only two that I like of Charleigh. Here they are; are you ready?

How is that possible? Well, Chip was tucked inside his infant seat and the double stroller. As for Charleigh? Charleigh loves the zoo. Especially its fences, walls, and enclosures.

Charleigh wouldn't touch a bird or an animal with a ten-foot pole. While I was taking beautiful photos of her sister, Charleigh was climbing my leg.

My grandma used to say: "I had seven children, and every one of them was different." I understand, now; I really do. My daughters, especially, are different from one other in so many ways.

I enjoy Clementine's sheer and utter delight in animals. I don't feel disappointed, though, that Charleigh likes them best from a distance (behind a wall, and preferably a solid wall, thank you very much). Each has her moments to shine, and--when it's Charleigh's turn--I'll be waiting with my heart on my sleeve. And my camera.

I wonder: do you think it's the same way with the Lord? Do you think He enjoys our shining moments but loves us just as well when we're at a great distance or off to the side or away from the spotlight? Because I think He does. I think He loves us just how He made us, every second, right where we are.


  1. You are so right...three daughters, all as different from one another as night and day.

    Love your photos! You are rockin' that new camera! The ones of Clementine with the birds are stunning!

  2. Love these pictures! You're quite a talented photographer. Of course you had some stunning subjects to work with.

    I appreciate the thought that God loves us just as well close up or sideways or in the spotlight. Just as we are. We are so blessed!