Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Squall

Andrew Wyeth's The Squall, 1986

I think of Holly Petraeus and wonder if she--if anyone--expects
a squall: one that rocks the boat or one that exits the throat,
and I doubt it. We try not to worry about what might never happen:
to think on whatsoever things are true and honest, pure and lovely.
No one wants to carry binoculars and a raincoat, just in case,
so we're caught unprepared by those things that bend and break us.

The man I love leans against our hutch and asks why I'm crying.
I shake my head and talk about Holly: about 38 years, 2 children,
and, still, no guarantees. "I'm not a general," he offers quietly,
but he misses the point, because it's less about being a general
than about being general: human, common, usual, sinful.
I've hung my coat (hat, hopes) on this man alone. I study him,

think: don't bring down (or out) a squall. Make things safe for me.


  1. Such poignant words. I loved every one.


  2. My heart has been for Holly too. And for you too...and all the one who hang their love with faith. Lovely, Brandee.

  3. smiles...i think we all want that security and seeing others rocked by that squall can def shake us...esp when it is after so many this is the patreaus write you talked about? nice.

  4. A beautiful, heartfelt plea, Brandee. I love the way you constructed your writing, the way we take life for granted. We are often so careless about our safety nets, aren't we? I pray life offers you a more secure footing as the future unfolds. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Poor Holly in the middle of all this mess. The man you write about sounds much kinder.

  6. Deep touching words. Life takes its own roads and sometimes we cannot alter its course...

    Anna :o]

  7. happy belated thanksgiving....smiles...hope you all had a wonderful day together...

  8. Your words are among the most insightful this week ... I wonder how many of us really stop to think about any of this and how we might react if it happened to us.

  9. Oh Brandee this is a beautiful piece of your heart set out upon the is raw,genuine, and truly lovely!! :-)