Sunday, April 22, 2012

On Judging Others

Linking with Magpie Tales, today, and I want to make a point of thanking Tess Kincaid for providing Alex Stoddard's image, below, as this week's prompt. I needed to write the words the image inspired, and my heart feels much lighter, now.

On Judging Others

I can't for the life of me understand
your fascination with my plight, here:
as if you've never been bound, yourself,
as if you've never been slowly drowning.
We both know I'm in over my head, but
I hear what you're saying loud and clear,
and you're wrong; I didn't put myself here.
We're all of few days and full of trouble,
my trouble's just more apparent than yours.
You gawk and talk because I'm exposed,
but you're hiding beneath filthy-rag clothes.
I know I need help from a Higher Being;
I'm just not convinced you know Him,
else you'd be loving me, praying for me:
not judging, condemning, and cursing me.
I have no desire to "rise up" and join you.
Please: just leave me in peace, to drown.

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