Monday, January 17, 2011

Love Poem for Jim

I remembered this poem (published in my fb notes on August 2, 2009) while hanging out in the middle of the morning, exhausted, with a different baby daughter.  So I'm sharing.


Love Poem for Jim

Our baby awakens after three seconds in her crib

I, defeated and exhausted, carry her to our bed

Where you are already sleeping

I need to feed her from my fuller breast, also

Keep her next to me only, not between us, so

She and I lie down heads-to-feet with you

You stir a little,

Extend your hand and catch my foot in it,

Interlace your fingers with my toes,

Make circles on my foot with your thumb, and

I am too tired for words beyond these:

Family, Home, Love.

Baby Clementine Adele

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